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Medici 88 Decentralized Wealth Solutions Private Client DeFi

Sophisticated Wealth Management for GRAYLL Private Clients — Tailored Apex ROI Services from Decentralized Fixed Income & DeFi Venture Capital Portfolios to Exchange Traded Products

Wealth =

Time & Freedom + Health & Happiness + Friends & Family

Time is the most valued & under-appreciated asset we have. GRAYLL is a decentralized digital system which automatically lets you profit from opportunities in a variety of markets - 24/7/365 - using the latest Artificial Intelligence & DeFi implementations.

GRAYLL is an innovative Recession Proof & Anti-Fragile system. Investors, traders, savers and pensioners using GRAYLL have a significant advantage during the accelerated debasement of fiat currencies exacerbated by the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.

In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd — Miguel de Cervantes

GRAYLL Wealth Private Client DeFi | MEDICI 88

MEDICI 88 is a managed service for GRAYLL Private Clients, we offer a mix of services using AI & DeFi to achieve superior returns for you. No investment or financial trading experience is required — GRAYLL Intelligence & Medici 88 underpin you.

AI Managed Active ETP & Fixed Income Services

GRAYLL is a new Decentralized Finance System — GRAYLL Intelligence does the work for you and tips the balance in your favour — Simplified generation of exponential returns = ROI²

Diversified Portfolio ETP, dynamically managed by GRAYLL Intelligence algorithms

GRAYLL | Medici 88 Fixed Income Service @ 4% per 3 months (Minimum $100,000)

GRAYLL | Medici 88 Fixed Income Service @ 8% per 3 months (Minimum $250,000)

GRAYLL | Medici 88 Fixed Income Service @ 12% per 3 months (Minimum $500,000)

GRAYLL integrates AI & DeFi into an advanced Digital System that offers automated services for the new Financial Revolution — GRAYLL Private Client offers Recession Proof & Anti-Fragile financial services.

Medici 88 researches all available asset classes and opportunities to compose high return balanced portfolios for a variety of timeframes, any market condition for you — bull, bear and sideways trending markets.

The Diversified Portfolio ETP is dynamically managed with GRAYLL Intelligence algorithms. The Medici 88 ETP composition can include any asset class including VC type investments, real estate, biotechnology, and may be hedged with derivatives products like options. There are no minimum or maximum timeframes for buying or selling the Medici 88 ETP.

Giovanni, Cosimo & Lorenzo are Fixed Income services for GRAYLL Private Clients which are managed by the Medici 88 team. These Fixed Income services primarily hedge against asset price inflation & currency devaluation and provide higher returns compared to fixed term products like Fixed Rate Bonds, Term Deposits or Certificates of Deposit.

GRAYLL | Medici 88 Fixed Income services can be used to hedge any investment or pension portfolio & traditional investments such as shares, ETFs, ETCs & ETPs when markets are in declining trends. Our Medici 88 Fixed Income DeFi services are focused on capital and purchasing power preservation with a 90 day term income stream for periods of 1, 2, 5 or 10 years.

GRAYLL | Medici 88 Fixed Income services and the GRAYLL | Medici 88 ETP are excellent for investors seeking double digit returns annually from exposure to digital assets, artificial intelligence, traditional investment classes, real estate, space-tech, bio-tech, clean-tech, water-tech, agri-tech and CRISPR, carbon credits and strategic venture capital opportunities.

Medici 88 Services Basics

Medici 88 has 5 main features | AI Driven ETP — Liquidity Pool — Fixed Income Services — DeFi Derivates — DeFi Wallet

USDC & GRX are the DeFi Assets used for GRAYLL Medici 88 Services

Simplified Yield Farming via DeFi Derivatives & GRAYLL Liquidity Pool

You need the USDC stable coin asset to use the Medici 88 Services in the GRAYLL App. You can purchase USDC in the GRAYLL App with XLM (Stellar Lumens) or transfer the USDC asset from other wallets or exchanges. US dollar ($) values are used for all Medici 88 Services. USDC can be purchased on the global Stellar Network in the GRAYLL App.
There are no limits in terms of the time, maximum amount or frequency that you can open or close AI driven ETP positions, you are able to open as many Medici 88 ETP positions as desired for any amount (minimum $10,000). You can track the performance of each ETP position that you have opened, notifications are sent periodically in the App & via email.
Liquidity Pool Yields are paid in GRX to Liquidity Providers for locking GRX + USDC in the Liquidity Pool. The Liquidity Pool provides yield payments and passive ROI opportunities on the GRX + USDC held by users to be loaned out for financial activities that will result in profit sharing in USDC as any profits made from the loans in USDC will be credited to the pool.
GRAYLL LPs (Liquidity Providers) will share in the USDC profits added to the pool relative to the USDC share they hold in the pool. More Liquidity Providers means each LP has a smaller relative share of the pool, however larger amounts of USDC in the Liquidity Pool increases the opportunities that can be exploited to generate relatively larger profits for LPs.

Easy to use and learn for everyone

Saves you time — Time is valuable

GRAYLL Intelligence is exceptional

Deep Learning to keep improving

No special skill or knowledge required

AI driven for efficiency & performance

Be Your Own Genesis of Prosperity

Start creating abundance and increase your freedom.
GRAYLL Intelligence = Simplified Wealth Generation

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