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Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools. Napoleon Bonaparte

The Vision

Our vision is to offer an App which enables people to create freedom, prosperity & wealth without trading time for income.

Who & Why

How & What

GRAYLL services are primarily aimed at retail investors that have little time for FX trading or crypto speculation and investing in the stock market or may have almost no experience doing so in the first place. Retail investors require the services and information usually only available to Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals.
We use Distributed Ledger Technology which enables new concepts of digital financial systems. Artificial Intelligence helps us to automate processing of large data sets and improve decision making as well as the services we offer to users. GRAYLL is available to anyone and there is no minimum investment requirement.
4 algorithms which cover a variety of investment horizons, are almost fully automated. The users only need to start & stop them and receive notifications when the algorithmic positions are within their maximum performance ranges. The aim is to provide users with simplicity, low skill requirements and low time commitments.
Although the system behind the simple App that is able to generate out-sized gains in any market is highly complex, the users are only concerned with the results. The algorithms generate profits in up-, down- and sideways trends. There are no limits on the amount of algorithmic positions and the use of the system.

The Team

The team has gained experience working at start-ups, hedge funds, investment firms, banks and listed global corporations.

Economic & Financial Modeling | Derivatives Product Development | Asset Management Strategies | Algorithm Design & Development | FX & IR Product Development | Business + Tokenomics Modeling & Forecasting | Data Analysis

Structured Products Valuation & Modeling | Financial Engineering | Derivatives Products | Fixed Income | Structured Products | Predictive Modeling | Machine Learning | Data Analysis & Visualization | Business Modeling

CFA | Financial Engineering| FX- IR- MM- Bonds- Risk Analysis & Valuation | FX & IR Derivatives Structuring & Valuation | TRS & Equity Swaps | Risk & Reserves Management, Predictive Modeling | Fixed Income & Mutual Funds

Distributed Ledger + Blockchain Analysis & Development | Algorithm Development | Data Structures & Optimization | Computational Bio-Analysis | Automation Systems | Smart Contract Development

The Concept

Apply DLT & AI to an algorithmic financial system that creates exponential profits automatically, accessible via a simple App.

GRAYLL is focused on crypto-currency markets and tokenized assets. The systems can be applied to anything, for example commodities, art, real estate, weather metrics, social media trend data and so forth.

GRAYLL will be simple to use for everyone like many popular mobile & web applications. Similar to Gmail, Instagram and Snapchat signing up and using the GRAYLL App will be a user friendly experience.

When you consider that the US dollar has lost 95-97% of its original value since its inception despite having attained the world’s reserve currency status in 1944 and saving accounts usually pay less than 1% interest annually, our Arkady algorithm is a novel approach to maintain value and create indefinite higher yield opportunities. It is probably better than a pension fund.

Our 3xMagi algorithms ensure that a novice would be able to achieve out-sized returns without understanding trends, trend-stages (Elliot Wave, Wyckoff, etc.), volatility, leverage, margin requirements and shorting markets. Market cycles have become very hard to predict for even the most successful fund managers, resulting in poor performance and fund closures.

No particular knowledge of derivatives (e.g. Black-Scholes, gamma, delta, parameters, convexity, etc.) or risk assessment/modeling (e.g. Monte Carlo Methods, Value-at-Risk, Knightian Uncertainty, etc.) is required by the users. The “smart money” and institutions like JPMorgan, Fidelity and Goldman Sachs entered the Blockhain, DLT & crypto space.

Data Science, AI & Machine Learning are an integral part of the GRAYLL App, these disciplines allow us to automate certain parts of the GRAYLL System, improve the user experience and also allow us to provide more attractive services and opportunities in the future. The beneficial aspects of these sciences are less human stress, more free time & higher profits.

Token Allocation

To protect investors any bug, user acquisition & App testing bounties will be released after the IEO has been completed.



Initial Exchange Offer(s) Public GRX Token Sales



User Acquisition & Strategic Partnerships



Algorithmic Trading Mechanism


Team & Advisors

Team, Advisors & Contributors


The milestone progress tracking displays the advancement of key elements required for the completion & success of GRAYLL.

Algos & App | Key Milestones
Algorithm Creation 0
Algorithm Testing & Revision 0
App Development 0
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Integration 0
Tokens & Users | Key Milestones
User Acquisition & App Testing Bounty Registration 0
User App Registration & App Testing Bounty Distribution 0
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Frequently Asked Questions to further clarify the main aspects, advantages and potential of the GRAYLL System and concept.

What is GRAYLL?

An entirely new approach to increase time for the things you love, whilst being able to generate exponential profits automatically with the system’s algorithms. The App will be simple and even though the system is complex the user is not aware of that. No trading or investing experience is required and the notification system helps users to close algorithmic positions within maximum profit ranges.

Which problems does GRAYLL solve?

The ability to automatically generate out-sized returns in any market condition (bull, bear, flat) in various time-frames. No trading or investment experience is needed and almost no time needs to be spent managing or monitoring positions.

What Makes GRAYLL Innovative?

Its a one of a kind system that makes the most complex concepts possible and real. If companies offer automated trading, users still need to create, test and manage the systems. Even more rare is AI & Machine Learning applied to trading or investment services offered to retail traders & investors, except for robo-advisors, which do require larger amounts of initial capital.

Who are the potential users of GRAYLL?

Anyone can use GRAYLL, but we focused on people with little or no time and limited or no experience to trade and invest.

Do you have an existing product or service?

We are in the prototyping phase and are currently testing the algorithms. We finalized most of the architecture and front-end design requirements. We will be releasing a Proof of Concept soon.

When will the GRAYLL App be available?

We currently estimate that the App will be available in October 2019.

Why is GRAYLL conducting an IEO?

At this time we feel it is not fruitful to conduct an ICO. We prefer to focus on building a high quality App & user experience and marketing the success stories to increase adoption and use. Therefore we are looking to strike a balance by offering some utility tokens for sale via an Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) and still providing our community value with bounties for testing the App and marketing our project.

What are the key features of GRAYLL?

4 services: 3 high profit algorithms, 1 longer-term high yield algorithm. An automated start/stop system that generates high returns in any market condition. An automated notification system to assist users to maximize profits. No trading or investment experience required.

Are there comparable or competing services in the marketplace?

GRAYLL is a completely novel service with a radically different approach. There are very few comparable systems that are automated, simple with notifications systems built with AI and Distributed Ledger Technology. Moreover very few, if any at all, that can generate exponential profits even in non-volatile markets.

What are the main requirements for GRAYLL to work?

At its most basic we must maintain and scale the system to retain speed and security. The algorithms need to be used by people to ascertain that these generate the profits claimed by us. Ultimately, sufficient marketing to increase user adoption and buyers of the GRAYLL utility token once the App is completed. The Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) may generate initial interest, however we plan to release GRAYLL App as soon as possible.

How will GRAYLL generate its revenue?

From commissions which are charged in the GRAYLL utility token, between 0.3%-1.8% is charged for starting and stopping the algorithms.

Will there be other costs for using GRAYLL?

There are no other costs for using the GRAYLL System. Of course you must have GRAYLL utility tokens, which you can receive when registering to test the App or for marketing the project. The App testing bounty tokens have conditions and are generally released after a 12 week lock-up period once the App is completed. When the project gets listed for an Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) the tokens can be purchased directly from an exchange.

*To protect investors, any bug, user acquisition & App testing bounty tokens will be released after the IEO has been completed. There may be other vesting conditions.

Will GRAYLL have more services in the future?

We would like to keep the system user friendly and value driven, less choice & complexity is our aim. However, we are using Data Science and AI (Deep Learning) to improve our current services and possibly create new services.

Why will GRAYLL use Data Science & AI?

We use will use these disciplines and technologies to improve the GRAYLL System, service levels, the algorithms and create better services based on data & analysis. Deep Learning in particular will provide a technologically independent method of service and performance improvement.

What is the starting/base value of 1 GRAYLL utility token in USD?

The starting/base value of 1 GRAYLL utility token will be ~$0.01

What will be the total amount of utility tokens allocated for user acquisition?

2.5 billion (20%) GRAYLL utility tokens has been allocated for bounties that support user acquisition, App testing to improve the service and experience the extraordinary results that can be achieved by the algorithms. We will be conducting other marketing activities that engage the the community and attracts new users.

*To protect investors, any bug, user acquisition & App testing bounty tokens will be released after the IEO has been completed. There may be other vesting conditions.

What will be the initial supply allocation of GRAYLL utility tokens?

The total initial supply of GRAYLL utility tokens will be 12,500,000,000:

Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) 40%

*To protect investors, any bug, user acquisition & App testing bounty tokens will be released after the IEO has been completed. There may be other vesting conditions.

Marketing & Strategic Partnerships (User Acquisition) 20%

Algorithmic System 20%

Team & Advisors 20%

How do you receive and keep the bounty allocation of GRAYLL utility tokens?

Confirm registration once, do not make multiple registrations and abide by the Terms of Service. If you have a referral code, only invite real people to GRAYLL. Once the App is released, use the algorithms at least 3 times during the 12 week lock-up period for bounty token allocations.

How many GRAYLL bounty tokens are you able to receive?

Between ~$1,000 to ~$250 for App testing registrations, only the first 500 App testing registrations will receive ~$1,000. ~$250 additional for approved referrals when you have been accepted as an “ambassador” and given a referral code. There will be other growth focused activities to receive bounties.

*To protect investors, any bug, user acquisition & App testing bounty tokens will be released after the IEO has been completed. There may be other vesting conditions.

Will early registrations receive a larger amount of GRAYLL bounty tokens?

Yes, the earlier you register the larger the allocation up to ~$1,000 for App testing. Only the first 500 approved registrations will receive ~$1,000 GRAYLL App testing bounty tokens. Early registrations also benefit from partaking in other growth focused activities to receive bounties.

*To protect investors, any bug, user acquisition & App testing bounty tokens will be released after the IEO has been completed. There may be other vesting conditions.

How will the GRAYLL utility token increase in value?

The increased use of the algorithms will increase demand and in turn the price of the GRAYLL utility tokens. We really need to meet and surpass expectations, show that we can achieve those enormous returns consistently for everyone and we need our users to share their excellent experiences. Our focus will also be on marketing GRAYLL and the outstanding results achieved. When the token is listed on exchanges there might also be a speculative value increases.

Can you purchase GRAYLL utility tokens?

Yes, once the GRAYLL utility token is listed on digital asset exchanges anyone can buy and sell GRAYLL utility tokens. We are also planning to add XLM, ETH and BTC within the GRAYLL App wallet over time, this will allow for more options to acquire GRAYLL tokens.

How will you buy GRAYLL utility tokens?

You will be able to buy GRAYLL utility tokens on at least one crypto exchange, we want to ensure that we only list the GRX token on the most trusted & reliable exchanges. Over time we will integrate purchasing options within the GRAYLL App wallet.

When can you purchase GRAYLL utility tokens?

Once the GRAYLL utility token with the GRX ticker is listed on exchanges you will be able to purchase it. An Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) may have variations, sometimes the exchange requires you to purchase the project’s tokens with their native token instead of directly with BTC or ETH.

*To protect investors, any bug, user acquisition & App testing bounty tokens will be released after the IEO has been completed. There may be other vesting conditions.

What can you do with GRAYLL utility tokens?

You can either keep them in your App wallet, many people buy digital assets in the hope that they will increase in value over time. You may also use the GRAYLL System algorithms to increase the value of your digital assets holdings, that’s what we created the GRAYLL App for.

How many times can you register to receive GRAYLL bounty tokens?

You can only register & confirm once and have one approved account. If you have confirmed multiple accounts all token allocations are lost. “Ambassadors” that breach the terms will also lose all tokes allocated.

When will you be able to use the GRAYLL bounty tokens?

You will be updated at different milestones and notified when the App is ready. Once the algorithms are ready, you will be required to use them at least 3 times during the 12 week lock-up period for the bounty tokens that have been distributed. After this period you may withdraw all or some of the tokens. You may also purchase more tokens from an exchange if you are content with the profits received by using GRAYLL the algorithms.

Why are the App testing bounty tokens locked for 12 weeks?

Everyone that has received the allocation of bounty tokens for testing the GRAYLL App will have enough time to use the algorithms, and experience the results that these can achieve. Also very important, there is more time for marketing GRAYLL to other potential users, that may want to purchase tokens directly from exchanges and start using the system.

What are the 3xMagi algorithms?

Balthazar, Kaspar, Melkior: 3 algorithms that automatically produce high yields in any market condition. These algorithms have an ideal time-frame for maximum profits. The Arkady algorithm differs from the 3xMagi algorithms.

What is the 3xMagi | GRY reference value?

GRY will be the reference value for the 3xMagi algorithms, it will be displayed in the App to track the overall continuous performance of all the algorithmic positions. Each algorithmic position is private to you, we cannot and will not share that, however we do need to publish a real-time reference value for the amalgamated performance of the 3xMagi algorithms.

What is the Arkady algorithm?

Arkady counteracts the inflation of the US economy and devaluation of the United States dollar, it helps to maintain purchasing power and can also be used as a ultra high yield savings account or as an alternative to an Exchange Traded Fund [ETF] or in particular a Pension Plans. The US dollar has lost 95-97% of its original value since its inception despite having attained the world’s reserve currency status in 1944, additionally unfunded liabilities of the US Government are estimated to be $65 to $220 trillion depending on the source and analysis conducted. Arkady seems to be a superior alternative to the traditional long-term options available.

Why are there only 4 algorithm options?

We believe that these options will cover everybody’s needs, specifically in terms of time horizons, investment performance and quality of service.

What does it cost to use the algorithms?

Depending on the algorithms used a commission between 0.3%-1.8% is charged for starting and stopping the algorithms.

Arkady 0.3% | Balthazar 0.9% | Kaspar 1.3% | Melkior 1.8%

How do GRAYLL algorithms produce such extraordinary results?

By combining innovative aspects of Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks with a focus on investing and financial trading. Humans create markets and in general algorithms are created by humans, however deep learning algorithms improve and adapt themselves at speeds and in ways that humans cannot. People have changed little, economic cycles are similar, but differentiating knowledge and understanding of humans combined with novel digital economies, Big Data and Deep Learning are the key drivers of GRAYLL.

How does the system help you manage algorithmic positions?

The system sends notifications to your email and phone about the performance of the algorithmic positions. This will help you decide on the best time to close your algorithmic positions. The notifications will be sent when entering the maximum profit range, during and also when the position is exiting the maximum zone of profitability.

How is the GRAYLL System designed?

The system integrates both distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and non-blockchain/DLT sharded & distributed databases. GRAYLL is focused on applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to increase efficiencies, performance and results. The ultimate aim is to provide the best results for our users by taking full advantage of the capabilities of Deep Learning.

Is the GRAYLL System distributed?

Yes, both “on-chain” and “off-chain” databases & systems will be distributed. We will ensure that security and redundancies are built into every aspect of the system. We have achieved significant history and renown, in fact the company underpinning our security has achieved impenetrable security for  an application created for the US Internal Revenue Service during a 5 year period. Considering the security results of large corporations this is unique.

Which Distributed Ledger Technologies have been used?

Stellar & Codius and other “sharded” databases.

Are my transactions in GRAYLL private?

Your algorithmic positions will be private, only your wallet balance and transactions to and from your wallet are visible on the Stellar, however not personalized, it is not known which wallet belongs to whom. Unless you personally reveal how much GRAYLL value you possess or the individual transfers effected, nobody will know the details of these private affairs.

What are the risks of using GRAYLL?

There are no specific risks other than that you must safeguard your passwords and ensure you can recover your GRAYLL App wallet. We have achieved significant experience and a track record in security, the current company underpinning our information security has successfully protected a PaaS system built for the US Internal Revenue Service for 5 years running. Considering the frequent security breaches of large corporations this is unique. Of course nothing is ever 100% secure, human error is a fact of life, so everyone must always be vigilant with devices and password storage.

Why does GRAYLL need to be on a Distributed Ledger?

It helps us to create an innovative financial system on the Internet of Value that is more secure, less expensive and accessible to everyone. Speed, security, innovation and privacy are the ultimate result of our Hybrid Distributed Technology Architecture.

Will using DLT/Blockchain slow down the GRAYLL System?

Stellar is one of the faster Distributed Ledger Technology [DLT] payment systems. The algorithms, sharded data structures and other parts of the GRAYLL architecture are all selected and developed for optimal speed and sub-second transactions that scale with the user base and increased data being processed.

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