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A Simple Automated Recession Proof Investment App

Increase your savings, investment & trading returns with DeFi advanced AI driven solutions that automate Wealth Inception.

Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of fools — Napoleon Bonaparte

The GRAYLL Concept

GRAYLL integrates AI & DeFi into an Algorithmic Financial System that creates exponential profits automatically — ROI²

GRAYLL is focused on financial markets with global macro exposure like FX, commodities, crypto-currencies & tokenized assets. GRAYLL can also be applied to other asset classes, instruments & markets like ETFs, real estate & weather. Due to the 2020 crisis these are being explored.

The GRAYLL App is simple to use for everyone similar many popular mobile & web applications — like Gmail, Instagram & WhatsApp signing up and benefiting from GRAYLL Intelligence is secure & efficient. You are informed and assisted by AI — GRAYLL Intelligence helps you to profit.

When you consider that the US dollar has lost 97-99% of its original value since its inception despite having attained the world’s reserve currency status in 1944 and saving accounts usually pay less than 1% interest annually, our Arkady algorithm is a novel approach to maintain value and generate higher return opportunities. It is probably better than any pension fund.

GRAYLL 3xMagi algorithms ensure that a novice would be able to achieve out-sized returns without understanding trends, trend-stages (Elliot Wave, Wyckoff, etc.), volatility, leverage, margin requirements and shorting markets. Market cycles have become very hard to predict for even the most successful fund managers, resulting in poor performance and fund closures.

No particular knowledge of derivatives (e.g. Black-Scholes, gamma, delta, parameters, convexity, etc.) or risk assessment/modeling (e.g. Monte Carlo Methods, Value-at-Risk, Knightian Uncertainty, etc.) is required by the users. The “smart money” and institutions like JPMorgan, Fidelity and Goldman Sachs entered the Blockhain, DLT & crypto space.

Data Science, AI & Deep Learning are an integral part of GRAYLL, these disciplines allow us to automate certain parts of the GRAYLL App & Intelligence, improve the user experience and also allow us to provide more attractive services and opportunities in the future. The beneficial aspects of these sciences are less human stress, more free time & higher profits.

The secret of happiness is freedom | The secret to freedom is courage — Thucydides

The GRAYLL Vision

Our vision is to offer a DeFi App which enables people to create freedom, prosperity & wealth without trading time for income.

Who & Why

How & What

GRAYLL services are primarily focused on retail investors and pensioners that have little time for deep analysis, FX trading or crypto & digital asset speculation or investing in the stock market & ETFs and usually have limited or no experience trading or investing on a professional level. Retail investors require the services and information usually only available to Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals.
We use Distributed Ledger Technology to enable new concepts of Decentralized Digital Financial Systems. Deep Learning helps GRAYLL to automate processing of large data sets and continuously improve decision making in real-time. Distributed sharded cloud compute systems enable us to offer the GRAYLL Intelligence services to everyone for a relatively affordable minimum of $100 per algorithmic position.
GRAYLL’s 4 algorithms — which cover a variety of investment horizons, are almost fully automated. You only need to start & stop the algo positions and will receive notifications when the 3xMagi positions are within their optimal performance ranges. Our aim is to provide you with simplicity, low skill requirements and minimal time commitments. The AI driven notification system keeps you updated.
Although the system behind the simple App supported by GRAYLL Intelligence is able to generate out-sized gains in any market is highly complex, you are only concerned with the results. GRAYLL algorithms generate profits in up-, down- and sideways trending markets. There are no limits on the amount of algo positions and the use of the GRAYLL System. You are able to close your positions at any time.

Management Team

The team has gained experience working at investment firms, hedge funds, banks, start-ups and listed global corporations.

Economic & Financial Modeling | Derivatives Product Development | Asset Management Strategies | Algorithm Design & Development | FX & IR Product Development | Business + DeFi Modeling & Forecasting | Data Analysis

Structured Products Valuation & Modeling | Financial Engineering | Derivatives Products | Fixed Income | Structured Products | Predictive Modeling | Machine Learning | Data Analysis & Visualization | Business Modeling

CPA | Investment Management | Financial Analysis & Planning | Environmental & Renewable Energy Finance | Portfolio Management & Restructuring | Risk Analysis & Asset Valuation | Digital Asset Economics | DeFi

DeFi | Distributed Ledger + Blockchain Analysis & Development | Blockchain & DLT Wallet Development | Smart Contract Development | Algorithm Development | AI Engine & Automation Systems

Easy to use and learn for everyone

Saves you time — Time is valuable

GRAYLL Intelligence is exceptional

Deep Learning to keep improving

No special skill or knowledge required

AI driven for efficiency & performance

Be Your Own Genesis of Prosperity

Start creating abundance and increase your freedom.
GRAYLL Intelligence = Simplified Wealth Generation

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