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A Simple Automated Recession Proof Investment App

Increase your savings, investment & trading returns with DeFi advanced AI driven solutions that automate Wealth Inception.

Wealth =

Time & Freedom + Health & Happiness + Friends & Family

Time is the most valued & under-appreciated asset we have. GRAYLL is a decentralized digital system which automatically lets you profit from opportunities in a variety of markets - 24/7/365 - using the latest Artificial Intelligence & DeFi advancements.

GRAYLL is an innovative Recession Proof & Anti-Fragile system. Investors, traders, savers and pensioners using GRAYLL have a significant advantage in these catastrophic financial markets exacerbated by the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.

In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd — Miguel de Cervantes

How does GRAYLL Intelligence work?

GRAYLL is a simple start & stop system, our Algo System can conceive exponential profits for you. No investment or financial trading experience is required — GRAYLL AI supports you.

4 Inception Algorithms to Change Your Paradigm

GRAYLL is a new Decentralized Finance System — GRAYLL Algorithms do the work for you and tip the balance in your favour — Simplified generation of exponential returns = ROI²

Current Performance 1.07x - 1.2x ROI | Anti US Inflation Algorithm | Time Horizon = Perpetual

Current Performance 1.2x - 1.3x ROI | Shorter Term Algorithm | Time Horizon = 24 - 42 Days

Current Performance 1.35x - 1.45x ROI | Medium Term Algorithm | Time Horizon = 35 - 60 Days

Current Performance 1.45x - 1.55x ROI | Longer Term Algorithm | Time Horizon = 50 - 80 Days

GRAYLL integrates AI & DeFi into an Algorithmic Financial System that creates exponential profits automatically — accessible via a simple App. GRAYLL has 4 innovative Recession Proof & Anti-Fragile algorithms.

You do not have to forecast any trends, conduct fundamental or technical analysis, the algorithms are able to navigate any asset in any market condition for you — bull, bear and sideways trending markets.

Arkady hedges against price inflation & currency devaluation and provides high returns compared to saving accounts. Arkady can be used to de-risk any investment or pension portfolio, including traditional holdings such as shares & ETFs when markets are in declining trends.

Balthazar is ideal for investors seeking higher profits in a “short” period of time, these algorithms are optimized to reach the optimal performance range within a time-frame of 20-40 days. Balthazar will suit investors that are engaged and able to check performance notifications regularly.

Kaspar is well suited for investors seeking high returns in a “medium” time-frame, the Kaspar algorithms are optimized to reach the optimal performance range within a time-frame of 45-75 days. Kaspar allows investors additional time to take action on the performance notifications.

Melkior is excellent for investors seeking double digit profits over a “longer” period, these algorithms are optimized to reach the optimal performance range within a time-frame of 70-100 days. Melkior allows investors that are less engaged to check performance notifications occasionally.

Your GRAYLL App Basics

The App has 5 main features | Algo System — Trade GRX — Account Wallet — Notification System — Referral System

GRX is the Decentralized Asset used in the GRAYLL App & Algo System

GRAYLL Intelligence will send you periodic performance notifications

You need GRAYLL’s GRX asset to use the services in the GRAYLL App. You can purchase GRX in the App by buying XLM (Stellar Lumens) and trading it for GRX. You are able to open algo positions in the Algo System with GRX. US dollar ($) values are used for GRX & XLM so you don’t have to make calculations.
There are no limits in terms of the time, maximum amount or frequency that you can open or close algo positions, you are able to open as many algo positions as desired for any amount. You can track the performance of each algorithmic position that you have opened, notifications are sent periodically in the App & via email.
The algorithms Balthazar, Kaspar and Melkior, also named 3xMagi Algorithms, have important time related dependencies. To assist you in determining when it’s the best time to close 3xMagi algo positions, the GRAYLL System will send you algo notifications when a 3xMagi position is in its optimal performance range.
The GRAYLL App also has a Referral System so you can invite family, friends and business contacts. The standard algo performance fee is 18% on profits, your referrals will have a reduced performance fee of 15%. You will receive 3% of the profits from every algorithmic position closed by your confirmed referrals.

Easy to use and learn for everyone

Saves you time — Time is valuable

GRAYLL Intelligence is exceptional

Deep Learning to keep improving

No special skill or knowledge required

AI driven for efficiency & performance

Be Your Own Genesis of Prosperity

Start creating abundance and increase your freedom.
GRAYLL Intelligence = Simplified Wealth Generation

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