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One-Click Automated Web3 Investment Portfolio & Risk Management

GRAYLL is a DeFi Asset Management System for Risk-Sensitive Web3 Investors that want Compounding ROI from Volatility ― GRAYLL BTC ROI = +5,731% morΣ² than BTC HODL since SEP 2018

Top portfolio performance via 24/7/365 research & automated management.



1-Click buy or sell a fully managed web3 portfolio with auto-profit capture.



No knowledge required, you only decide to buy or sell your portfolio asset.


Risk Control

Algorithmic buy, sell & rebalancing of portfolio to avoid deep drawdowns.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.

He who understands it, earns it… he who doesn’t… pays it. ― Albert Einstein



Algorithmically Managed Non-Custodial Web3 Portfolio

Algo-Managed Portfolio with exposure to DeFi + MetaFi + GameFi + SocialFi + Infra Assets — 24/7/365 with our Automated Web3 Asset Rebalancing & Risk Management System allowing for Compounding of Principal & Returns.

Investors & asset managers find it difficult to time markets — often do not know when to sell or hedge in highly volatile Web3 assets — extreme market volatility results in FOMO — panic selling & liquidations. The Solution = GRAYLL | Σ²NIGMA

Automated Investment System for Σ²veryone

Web3 asset management is complex — GRAYLL provides CeFi/DeFi investors & managers a significant edge with comprehensive algorithmic strategies for all market cycles.

Simple & Optimized Automated Returns

GRAYLL Decentralized Finance System | AI Driven DeFi ETP — ²nd Layer Yield Farming — DeFi Derivates — Asset Staking | GRAYLL DeFi = Simplified Generation of Compounding Returns

GRAYLL combines DeFi & AI into an advanced Digital System that will offer 8 integrated Non-Custodial & Anti-Fragile Strategies for the Decentralized Finance Evolution — accessible via our simple (d)App.

Our automated portfolio allows investors to avoid forecasting trends — bull, bear & sideways trending markets. Some of our strategies also offer simplified access to yield & staking opportunities — delta-neutral.

Web3 Asset Management is driven by our algorithms. GRAYLL Portfolios are focused on GameFi, DeFi, MetaFi, SocialFi and Web3 Infrastructure assets — these may be hedged with derivatives. GRAYLL Portfolio cycles are 4-18 months. Investors can redeem their portfolio freely if their USD stable coins are allocated by the GRAYLL Strategies on trend triggers.

Liquidity Pools (LP) function similar to ultra high interest savings accounts, Liquidity Providers are paid yields for lending their digital assets. GRAYLL utilizes automated single asset yield farming strategies which require USD stable coins (digital US dollar) to be “loaned” by Liquidity Providers (lenders) to receive shares of LP profits in stable coins from financial activities.

²nd Layer Yield Farming removes many of the technical complexities of “locking” digital assets in Liquidity Pools on the Ethereum Network or Binance Smart Chain like swapping, chasing yield, avoiding impermanent loss, etc. GRAYLL automates Yield Farming, optimizes yields from the most reputable protocols, digital assets simultaneously reducing risks.

DeFi Derivatives can provide Leveraged Yield Farming which also makes high Yield Farming profits more accessible without all the complexities. GRAYLL DeFi Derivatives indirectly interact with pre-selected secure asset pools on multiple DeFi protocols via aggregators. Aggregators can provide optimized Yield Farming from multiple Liquidity Pools across DeFi protocols.

If compound interest is indeed the 8th wonder of the world,

then leveraged compounding is certainly the 9th, 10th and 11th.
― Pietros Maneos

GRAYLL App Basics

DAO — Algorithmic Asset Management & Portfolio Management — Performance Fee Sharing Pool — Yield Farming

USD Stable Coins Assets are used to access the Σ²NIGMA ETP

Simplified Yield Farming via ²nd Layer Access & DeFi Derivatives

Users need to hold USD stable coin assets in their wallets to use the Σ²NIGMA Portfolio Service in the GRAYLL (d)App. USDT, USDC, BUSD etc., stable coins can be purchased via MetaMask or other WalletConnect enabled wallets that are compatible with the GRAYLL (d)App or investors can transfer USD stable coin assets from other wallets or exchanges.
USD ($) denominations are used for all GRAYLL portfolios and services. There are no limits in terms of the length of time portfolios can be held, maximum amount or frequency that an investor can open or close portfolio positions. The performance of open portfolio positions can be tracked in the GRAYLL (d)App — performance notifications are sent periodically.
Performance Fee Sharing Rewards are paid in USD stable coins to GRQ Holders for staking GRQ in the Pool. The Pool provides rewards and passive ROI opportunities on GRQ assets held by users, any profits made by the GRAYLL Systems and other ecosystem (d)Apps using GRQ will be shared in USD the stable coins and credited to the pool.
GRQ Stakers will share in USD stable coinprofits added to the pool relative to the amount of GRQ they have staked in the pool. There are staking tiers for Performance Sharing — as GRAYLL and the ecosystem (d)Apps grows in numbers of users and profits, the pool of USD stable coins increases & the Performance Fees shared with GRQ stakers.

Easy to use and learn for everyone

Saves you time — Time is valuable

GRAYLL Intelligence is exceptional

Deep Learning to keep improving

No special skill or knowledge required

AI driven for efficiency & performance

Genesis of Automated Compounding ROI

Automate Your Web3 Asset Management

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